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League Rules

All the successful teams I've ever seen

have three characteristics:

They Play Unselfish, 

They Play Together, 

And They Play Hard.

Larry Brown

NS Youth Basketball League Rules

The first 5 minutes will consist of warm-up time for your individual team. 

Game Rules:

All Iowa High School Boys Association rules for basketball apply with the following exceptions:

  1. 18 minute halves with continuous clock. Clock will stop the last minute of each half if the score difference is 15 points or less. Clock will stop for all timeouts and injuries.

  2. 3 minutes between halves.

  3. Three 30 second timeouts per game.

  4. Overtime – Sudden death, first basket wins. 1 minute in length, clock stops for dead ball. One 30 second timeout per each team. No carry over timeouts from regulation or other overtime periods. If tied at the end of 1 minute game ends in a tie. 

  5. Each technical or intentional foul will result in 2 points and possession of the ball. Flagrant swinging of elbows is considered a technical foul.

  6. No individual fouls will be kept (no individual will foul out). Team fouls will be recorded. Starting with the 7th team foul the player will shoot a one-and-one free throw. Starting with 10th team foul the player will receive two free throws.

  7. 2nd - 4th grade may stand one foot in front of the line for free throws.   

  8. 3 point shots are allowed at all grade levels.

  9. Backcourt defense is allowed only in the final 1 minute of each half. No backcourt defense is allowed in any division by a team that is leading by 15 points or more.

  10. No zone defense is allowed at any grade level.

  11. All grade levels will use a 28.5” basketball.

      Coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players and parents. Please stress sportsmanship at all times with our officials,                 volunteers, players, coaches, and fans. Game officials may eject any coach, player, or spectator from the game. Any person ejected

     will be required to leave the premises immediately and will not be allowed back into the game.

Team rules:

       Each team must be prepared to provide an adult scorekeeper and/or clock keeper for each game.

Facility rules:

     North Scott Schools, volunteers, league committee members, and officials shall not be held responsible for accidents, injuries, or the              theft of personal property incurred by anyone participating, attending, or working in league games. 

      No medical personnel are on site.​

All injuries are the responsibility of the individual teams, coaches and parents of the player involved.

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