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North Scott Boys Youth Basketball League

NSYB has a League for all 2nd-6th grade boys to participate, consisting of games which run from late October to early December on Monday nights at the North Scott Junior High.

Games are one hour and the teams typically consist of 8 to 10 boys per team that play against other teams of the same grade.

Usually there are 4 to 6 teams per grade level, depending on the size of the class.

Teams are split up as evenly as possible.

All boys 2nd-6th that register will be included the League. 

In addition to playing on a League team, those who want a more competitive experience have the opportunity to attend tryouts to be considered for a travel team. Travel teams have additional fees that vary by team and are not included in the league registration fee. 

Playing Basketball
League vs Travel

What is the difference between League and Travel?

 The NSYB League is for all NS boys in 2nd-6th grade. League teams are divided evenly and play once a week at the same location. 

Each week you will practice at the beginning your time and end with a game each week.  

Travel teams require assessments for those who also want to play travel basketball. Travel basketball varies depending on the coach of each team, the tournaments you sign up for, and extra practice days each week. These teams often travel to different areas to play in a more competitive environment. These teams have additional costs to them to cover tournament  and other fees associated with travel basketball. Unlike Youth Basketball League, not every player is guaranteed to make a travel team. 

 League FAQ's

  • Do those who play travel ball also play in the League?                             Yes. It's a lot of fun to play with, and against, your friends!

  • If I just want to participate in the League, do I need to come to assessments?                                                                                                     No. Assessments are only for those kids who also want to be considered for travel ball. Everyone will be placed on a League team, all you need to do is sign-up!​

  • Are there practices for League teams?                                                         Due to availability of gym space, there are not practices for individual League teams. We continue to try to provide the best experience we can, and continue to explore the possibility of having practice time for everyone involved.

  • When are League games?                                                                         League games are on Monday nights at the Junior High or LAB from late October to early December.​

  • Why is there not a League for 7th and 8th graders?                                    All 7th and 8th graders can play Junior High basketball through the school. So the League was created to give all 2nd-6th graders an opportunity to also play basketball.​

  • When are sign-ups?                                                                                 Typically mid-August the link for sign-ups is available. Keep up to date by checking our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

  • When are tryouts for travel teams? 

       Usually around the first part of September.

  • What size basketball does my child need? 

        2nd-8th graders use a 28.5 inch ball.



All League games are played at North Scott Junior High and  the LAB  on Monday nights. Time will vary by grade and the schedule can be found on the website. 

Please have players bring a water bottle as there are no concessions available during League games. 

It is recommended that each player bring their own ball and wear appropriate shoes for the basketball court. 

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